Does your pool have a leak or is it just water evaporation?

In this blog article, I, the great pool leak detection expert Sherleak Holmes, will teach you how to know if your pool has a leak or if it is just water evaporation.

As a pool owner, keeping tabs on your water levels is an essential part of maintenance. But what do you do when you notice the water looks a little lower than the day before? Before you panic about a leak, remember that water evaporation is perfectly normal. The trick is learning how to tell the difference between garden variety evaporation and a true leak situation.

In my experience, evaporation can make the water level drop by around 1/4 to 1 inch per day, depending on climate conditions. Sunny and arid areas will see faster evaporation. Observe your pool over several days to get a baseline for the rate of normal evaporation. If the water level is suddenly dropping faster than expected, that points to an actual leak.

Carefully inspect the liner, skimmer, plumbing fittings, and connections for any dripping water or damp spots. Cracks or tears in the liner are a dead giveaway. You may even see water actively spurting from a hole or loose joint. That’s evaporation’s more dramatic cousin, the leak!

One simple but effective test is the bucket method. Mark the water line, then place a few buckets halfway filled with pool water around the edges. Check them against the water level in 48 hours. The buckets will lose only a small amount to evaporation, while a leak will make the pool level drop rapidly. Now you know if you have a leak and roughly where it’s located.

Even eagle-eyed pool owners can miss leaks visually, so don’t feel bad calling in a pro. They have specialized tools to really pinpoint where water is escaping and can make the right repairs. I’d rather be safe than sorry and deal with the problem before it gets worse. A few hundred bucks on a leak detection service beats thousands on repairs down the road.

Keeping your pool properly maintained takes diligence. But with some careful observation for signs of leakage and evaporative loss, you can stay on top of potential issues. Remember to check those water levels regularly so you can tell the difference between a leak in need of fixing and standard old evaporation.

How to get help finding a pool leak

If you need help determining if your pool has a leak, contact USA Leaks the pool leak detection experts.