What Tampa Pool Leak Detection Services are Offered by USA Leaks?

Hello Floridians! I, the great pool leak detection expert Sherleak Holmes, want to tell you about how I work with USA Leaks to provide Tampa pool leak detection services.

If you suspect your pool has a leak, our specialized leak detection services in Tampa can help identify the source of the problem quickly.

Detecting a pool leak as early as possible and repairing it prevents extensive damage and much larger repair bills down the road.

Here is an overview of leak detection options from Tampa pool service professionals.

Professional Pool Leak Inspection

The first step in any pool leak diagnosis is a thorough visual inspection of the entire pool system.

A professional pool leak detection technician will check areas like plumbing fittings, skimmers, return lines, the pump and filter, joints and valves, the pool shell itself, and decking around the pool. They look for any cracks, damage, or wet spots that may indicate a leak. This critical first step can sometimes pinpoint the leak location right away before moving on to other leak tests.

Dye Testing

If the leak location is still unknown after a visual inspection, dye testing is an effective next step. This involves adding a concentrated dye into the pool water and observing where and how quickly it flows out. The technician will mix the dye in one area of the pool and then watch other areas closely to see where the colored water appears. The dye will be carried out fastest at the leak point. This test can be done in multiple areas to isolate the leak.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing uses specialized equipment to isolate and test different parts of the pool plumbing system.

The technician will seal off each part, apply pressurized air, and measure for pressure drops indicating a leak. This methodical process checks the return lines, skimmer, main drain, pump, filter, and heater step-by-step until the leak is found. Pressure testing is very accurate but requires expertise.

Ultrasound Detection

Advanced ultrasound technology can “listen” for the high-frequency sound produced by water escaping through a leak.

A technician uses a specialized detector around areas of plumbing and the pool shell to pick up the sounds of a leak. This method works well for finding very small, pinhole leaks. It requires calm winds and can be labor-intensive to scan the entire pool.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal cameras detect subtle temperature differences caused by evaporating or flowing water from a leak. A certified thermographer will thoroughly scan the pool shell inch-by-inch looking for cooler spots that may indicate underground water seeping from a leak. The best results come at night when temperature differentials are greater.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Detecting underground leaks often requires sub-surface radar imaging. This technology uses radar pulses to “see” what’s happening under the pool decking and shell. Trained technicians can find water channels, voids, and defects in the soil that point to the leak location. It’s an advanced approach best for complex cases.

Professional Consultation

The professional pool leak detection pros at USA Leaks don’t rely on just one method but draw from their in-depth knowledge to combine testing approaches. They thoroughly inspect all evidence from multiple techniques to zero in on the leak source accurately. Our technicians will also provide ways to prevent future leaks through proper pool maintenance and repair techniques.

For pool owners in the Tampa area with a suspected pool leak, turning to the expertise and technology offered by USA Leaks’ specialized leak detection services is the smart choice. Early diagnosis prevents wasted water and prevents leaks from causing structural issues, erosion, mold, and higher costs down the road. Contact USA Leaks at the first sign of unexplained pool water loss.